I help organizations and businesses identify and assess ways of integrating sustainability into their practice that makes sense from a financial, social, and ethical perspective. 

This might mean researching the best way methods to identify and assess the risks and benefits as related to sustainability in business, governmental, and societal contexts. In practice, this includes defining sustainability problems and opportunities, generating and evaluating ideas and solutions, monitoring and evaluating performance, and understanding the process of implementing sustainability.

I’m particularly interested in the efficacy of natural systems to supplement and even replace artificial systems. For example, is it possible for indoor plants to supplement or even replace mechanical air filtration systems in office buildings? The benefits are potentially no reduction in indoor air quality, but rather a beneficial reduction in ambient noise pollution associated with HVAC systems, and an improvement in worker productivity thanks to biophilic responses.

My goal is not only to help you make sense of a constantly changing sustainability landscape, but also to help you to integrate sustainability into core business operations.

Sustainability is no longer a value add, it’s a fundamental tenant of the 21st century.