"I have an obsession with wind farms."


"Yes. I'm a huge fan."

Groan inducing? Yes.

About what we expect from talks on the environment? Also, yes.

I deliver something different.

Rather than piling on the eco-guilt my talks literally shift the way that you think about environmental problems - and how we can solve them.

I leverage a mix of the latest in scientific environmental research and the behavioral sciences with real world case studies, and lots of audience participation, to leave participants feeling invigorated and motivated to enact change.

Whether you're an individual, a nonprofit, or a business, you'll walk away from one of my talks understanding why you should integrate sustainability into your life, your operations your bottom line, while also understanding how to integrate sustainability into your world.


Kendra speaking on a panel  at the Los Angeles Festival of Books

Kendra has the unique perspective and boundless energy of the next generation of leaders.
— Jeff Unsicker, SIT Graduate Institute


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